Kevin McCabe


About Kevin McCabe, Cob Building Specialist

Kevin McCabe was born and brought up in East Devon and, as a local builder, first began working on renovating and repairing cob buildings around 30 years ago, before embarking upon the rare skill of building new cob houses, about 23 years ago.

Since then he has built up a fabulous reputation for building bespoke properties, using the traditional construction techniques of cob and stone, from locally sourced materials which blend naturally with their environment. He runs courses on cob building, both nationally and internationally. He has won a number of awards for his houses, including the Local Area Building Control (LABC) “Best New Home” in 2006, for Keppel Gate. Kevin has appeared in the national media, including on “Country File” and Keppel Gate appeared in the Daily Telegraph in 2001/2002, whilst being built.